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I love finding ways to simplify my life and save money at the same time. I will show you how, too! Over the past 25 years I've mastered the art of making our funds go farther and purchase more. Living the dream!


DIY Make-up Remover Pads – Sensitive Skin

I have very sensitive skin. I have 2 shades – pale and beet red. If anything irritates my skin it will immediately flare-up and have redness for days. I have a very hard time with cleansers with chemicals, especially make-up remover pads. I also work full-time, wearing makeup every day, and some nights need a quick way to remove makeup and clean my face before bed. The problem was all of the products I saw had chemicals that I know reduce my face to a red, splotchy mess.


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Golden Zucchini Salsa

I just love salsa! This easy salsa utilizes a vegetable that many people in America shy away from…zucchini! However, this vegetable it one of the easiest to grow in your backyard. I mean, plant it, water it, and it grows. This recipe can be store bought as well. Today’s Golden Zucchini Salsa is all from my garden except for the red onion and lime juice.

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