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DIY Shop Towels

We have four drivers and four vehicles at our house, three of which are older that 10 years! This means a lot of repairs and maintenance are being done at our house. The need for shop towels come with the territory when you want to make every dollar count and are do-it-yourselfers like us. These DIY Shop Towels come in so handy now after some of my UnPaper Towels for the kitchen were used on the cars. Continue reading


UnPaper Towels

UnPaper-1 In my recent quest to be more resourceful, waste less in money and resources, and find reusable products, I stumbled upon Unpaper Towels. Now, it is kind of a “duh moment” when we think of options to replace paper towels, just use a regular kitchen towel, right? But, I want to make sure that my replacements:

  • Function similarly to the item replaced.
  • Look similar if possible with the same shape, size, texture, and thickness.
  • Take up less space, if possible.
  • Cost as little as possible to make my funds go farther, preferably less than what paper towels cost.

Out of the thoughts above, COST is always my first priority, Because I’m Thrifty Like That, of course.

Continue reading


Cloth Diapering

Old Cloth DiapersI know…who in the world WANTS to use cloth diapers. Not many. But, there is a growing demand for people to save money and let’s face it, disposable diapers are a multi-million dollar a year business. Plus, the reduction of waste that cloth diapering provides in relief to our land fills makes this growing trend one to seriously consider.

When I thought of cloth diapers I think of huge, sagging, dripping, soggy, white diapers with gaps and pins. Not to mention the necessary crinkly rubber pants that went over them that sometimes worked…and sometimes didn’t…at keeping the clothes from getting wet or poopy.

Not any more! Cloth diapers are now cute, colorful, and much better at doing their job than they used to be. Continue reading