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No Poo

I decided to try this “No Poo” challenge and try the shampoo alternatives recipes for hair washing that are suggested. I started Friday, August 13th. I broke down Wednesday and washed my hair with shampoo. I had put a couple of drops of essential oil in the vinegar rinse and I think that made my hair really greasy. However, I found it didn’t really make my hair less greasy with the shampoo, so I am back to my No Poo solutions. There is a “transition stage” that my hair has been going through. I have noticed that if you want to go “no poo” then you have to stop all hair products…no smothers, straighteners, or hair spray. I had been using Recipe #2 below for 4 days. I washed my hair with Recipe #2 on days 1, 2, and 4. Continue reading