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Golden Zucchini Salsa

I just love salsa! This easy salsa utilizes a vegetable that many people in America shy away from…zucchini! However, this vegetable it one of the easiest to grow in your backyard. I mean, plant it, water it, and it grows. This recipe can be store bought as well. Today’s Golden Zucchini Salsa is all from my garden except for the red onion and lime juice.

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Dehydrating Oranges

I love finding ways to make things myself. Why? Because I believe in cutting costs while having quality items in my home. Plus, I just hate to see ANYTHING wasted. If I’m throwing something in the trash, it’s like tossing dollar bills into the trash. That’s why I learned about dehydrating oranges when I was gifted 10 pounds of fruit recently.

I have to say that the bag or oranges I was gifted was…well…nasty tasting. (Sorry!) They were stringy and dry. However, I figured dehydrating them would be a great way to have zero waste and still get a useful item. Continue reading