DIY No-Sew Swiffer Sweeper

Hands down this is the easiest cleaning hack yet. All you need is some fleece and scissors. This DIY No-Sew Swiffer Sweeper Replacement will knock your socks off. I bought the Swiffer Sweeper X-Large Starter Kit In The Box because I have a lot of tile and wanted a larger sweeper surface.

Step 1 – Choose Fabric

I had some extra fleece laying around after my shawl project and beret project and felt this would be perfect for replacement heads for the Swiffer Sweeper.


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Dehydrating Oranges

I love finding ways to make things myself. Why? Because I believe in cutting costs while having quality items in my home. Plus, I just hate to see ANYTHING wasted. If I’m throwing something in the trash, it’s like tossing dollar bills into the trash. That’s why I learned about dehydrating oranges when I was gifted 10 pounds of fruit recently.

I have to say that the bag or oranges I was gifted was…well…nasty tasting. (Sorry!) They were stringy and dry. However, I figured dehydrating them would be a great way to have zero waste and still get a useful item. Continue reading


DIY Reusable Bowl Covers


I absolutely hate plastic wrap! I can never get it our of the box without it sticking together. I used to think it was a necessary evil until I decided to make reusable bowl covers and do away with wasteful (and hateful) plastic wrap.

They are easy, inexpensive, reduce waste and pretty. I have taken several casseroles, salads and desserts to potlucks, church, and family functions and everyone asks the same thing, “Where did you get these covers?!” I have even been told by a few people that this is what they want me to give them for their birthday or Christmas. Sweet! I already have half my gift ideas figured out. Continue reading