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Bed-Wetting Underwear

Check out the Tutorial Here.
Yes…we have 2 bed-wetters. That can be an awful lot of laundry each morning if they don’t wear something to protect the bed. Pull-ups get pricier and pricier the older and larger the child gets. The problem I faced was finding something reusable that was the sizes that I needed for 5 and 6 year old bed-wetting children.

As I posted previously, I was using the trainers/diapers I purchased from SunBabyDiapers.com for all three kids. The only problem was that one of the kids was barely getting into them and I worried they would be too stretched out for the littlest one. Plus, I wanted the easier-to-use trainers/diapers for the little one only.

I searched several types of patterns and options. I think there are some nice options to purchase, but they are too expensive for me. Check out http://www.superundies.com – Very cool, but pricey at $19.95-$34.95 each. YIKES! What are they made out of…spun gold? Does Rumpelstiltskin work there? Still, if you do not know how to sew it would be cheaper than buying Pull-ups all the time.

I decided to make our own. Boy am I happy that I did! I can’t spend $20 for one pair of training pants or bed-wetting pants. Instead, let’s talk 50¢ – $1 each! Continue reading


Cloth Diapering

Old Cloth DiapersI know…who in the world WANTS to use cloth diapers. Not many. But, there is a growing demand for people to save money and let’s face it, disposable diapers are a multi-million dollar a year business. Plus, the reduction of waste that cloth diapering provides in relief to our land fills makes this growing trend one to seriously consider.

When I thought of cloth diapers I think of huge, sagging, dripping, soggy, white diapers with gaps and pins. Not to mention the necessary crinkly rubber pants that went over them that sometimes worked…and sometimes didn’t…at keeping the clothes from getting wet or poopy.

Not any more! Cloth diapers are now cute, colorful, and much better at doing their job than they used to be. Continue reading


DIY Wet Dry Bag

Wet-DryBag1We are about to embark on potty training once again. I really dread this part of toddler-hood. It’s not fun and it is not cheap! It is messy and gross to put it nicely.

Potty training is often strife with urine and poop accidents. Thus…the need for a wet dry bag to put all those wet and stinky pants into. These bags are useful for all baby ages since we all know that diapers leak sometimes.

I first found these bags on cloth diaper websites. You can find pretty ones at boutiques and online for around $10 each. I made some for about $3.33 each.

I’ll make another batch to give away at baby showers once I find the materials even cheaper! (See the bottom of this post for how I found it cheaper at a later date.) Continue reading