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Turkey vs Beef

We have the “skinny” on Turkey vs. Beef – Which is healthier and cheaper?

Price Comparison

Current average price of one pound of ground beef = $ 2.99
Current average price of one pound of ground turkey = $ 1.99
Hands down, if we go strictly by price, ground turkey is the winner! I’m able to find ground turkey for as low as $ 1.39 per lb. where I shop. Continue reading


Garden Burgers

burger9Low fat, low sodium, healthy alternative….we hear the mumbo-jumbo all the time.

Let’s face it…Mike and I are getting older and need to watch what we eat. Add that some of us can’t eat red meat or dairy and it makes for a lot of changes in how we eat compared to the average American family. We have been eating ground turkey for a few years now and although good, sometimes needs some extra flavoring. Here is a recipe I have come up with for a very flavorful burger! The whole family loves it…even my red-meat-craving husband. Continue reading