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How I Feed a Family of 6 on $100 a Week

I was reading a friend’s Facebook post the other day and did an audible gasp. She is single and stated she had just reduced her grocery bill by $136 a week. I thought, “What in the world is she buying?” Her statement was that she reduced her spending by $136, not that that was her weekly spending. Let me tell you how I feed a family of 6 on $100 a week.

Wow…that’s a lot for ONE person. I spend $100 a week for 6 people. Continue reading


Smartphone Without the Data Charges

I know the cellular companies are in business to make money, but sometimes I just wonder exactly how much they are gouging their customers. Recently, Verizon Wireless stopped selling phones with WiFi capability without a required data package (I saw one about 6 months ago, but have not seen any since). Why? I assume it is because they want to charge everyone an extra $30 per phone, per month… because that is what they do. I asked Verizon if I could buy a smart phone from another source and connect it to my old Family Plan that does not have data or texting. The answer was a big, fat “No”. I would be charged the $30 per month for data services regardless of where I bought the phone. Continue reading


Moving Discounts and Ideas

We recently made a big move across five states. This is a time consuming and expensive undertaking, as anyone who has ever done it knows. We are not fortunate enough to have the luxury of being moved by a company. Therefore, the expense of a move of this nature falls solely on our shoulders. This is the second time we have moved in this manner and we’ve learned a couple of ways to save money and make it as painless as possible. Continue reading