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A frequent complaint in our home is headaches. Some are stress related, some are due to allergies and illness. We have two people who also frequently get migraines. The trick is really to catch it early and not let it get too strong.

Peppermint Oil
Probably the easiest remedy we have come across is Peppermint essential oil from Native American Nutritionals. This oil has a variety of uses, but we’ll focus on headaches in this post. Use it as a topical rub on the base of your neck and across your forehead to relieve headaches. Be very careful to keep away from your eyes! I barely dab it on to make sure the vapors don’t burn my eyes. Continue reading


ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, Etc.

One of the most difficult things as a parent to hear is that your child has a learning set-back, whether it is medical or simply genetic, it doesn’t really matter. It is a heart wrenching thing to be told. Years ago my son was told he was ADD, not ADHD because he was not hyper. He just couldn’t stay on task. Personally, I think that most boys are like that at the age he was (4 years old).

Over the years, we discovered that my son did have some trouble paying attention. Although, I never took the diagnosis too seriously because I do not believe in labeling children, I watched and adapted to help him learn. As he grew older, he began to express frustration with not being able to concentrate despite all of his efforts to do so. Continue reading


Essential Oils

A couple years ago I was introduced to essential oils. At first, I was a bit skeptical that an oil could be used for a replacement for medicine. I understood that essential oils could be used for aromatherapy, but I thought that was strictly a “mood enhancing” idea that it would only work temporarily.

I was very surprised when I discovered, through personal use, some of the healing properties of these oils! Not only as aromatherapy, but for topical and internal uses as well.

Please feel free to post your successes with Essential Oils! We would love to hear from you.

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