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Dehydrating Oranges

I love finding ways to make things myself. Why? Because I believe in cutting costs while having quality items in my home. Plus, I just hate to see ANYTHING wasted. If I’m throwing something in the trash, it’s like tossing dollar bills into the trash. That’s why I learned about dehydrating oranges when I was gifted 10 pounds of fruit recently.

I have to say that the bag or oranges I was gifted was…well…nasty tasting. (Sorry!) They were stringy and dry. However, I figured dehydrating them would be a great way to have zero waste and still get a useful item. Continue reading


Acquiring Food

 Now that I have chosen a menu, calculated the ingredients and taken an inventory of what I already have it is time to calculate what I need to acquire. This seems VERY overwhelming, especially if you are like me and start running totals in your head…48 lbs. of chicken at $1.70 per lb. (if I get it on sale) equals $81.60…yikes! That’s just one ingredient on this big list. (I will be talking about canning meats in a later post…you don’t need to buy another freezer!)

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