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DIY Fleece Beret

This was much easier than it looked at first glance. I followed the tutorial video from Martha Stewart (Click these links – Website, Template, and Video Tutorial Part 1 and Part 2). The biggest difference between mine and Martha Stewart’s is that I made mine out of inexpensive fleece while hers is an expensive wool. You can do which ever you want. I also added a flower made from scrap material.

Medium Size – 23″
Large Size – 24″

Personally, I like the large size better so that my hair doesn’t get smashed down. Also, the Small Size 22″ would work well for children. (For more information on sizing, watch the video and view the template.) Continue reading


DIY Fleece Shawl with Pockets

We live in a cold climate and I love easy ways to keep warm. I saw this Fleece Shawl with Pockets in a catalog and thought, “I can make that for cheaper.” I found the fleece on sale for 60% off, making it $3.99 a yard. I purchased 1 yard, but didn’t need that much.

Measurements of the Shawl – 19″ x 65″ with two 8″ x 8″ pockets


Cut a piece of fleece 19″ x 65″
(Note: I would make it a bit longer for someone my height 5′ 6″.)


Cut two pockets 9 1/2″ x 8″.
There will be 1 1/2″ folded over at the top of the pocket.


Fold over 1 1/2″ for the top of each pocket and pin in place.


Sew straight across the edge of the top of each pocket.


Each end of my fleece has a selvage that I needed to remove.
(Note: I would make the shawl the other direction in the future to make it longer.)
Line up the pocket in the middle of the bottom edge of the fleece right up against the edge and pin on each side and the bottom of the pocket.
Sew the pocket onto the shawl in a “U” shape, reversing the stitch at the top of the pocket on both sides. Remove the pins as you go making sure that your needle does not hit the pins or it will damage your machine and bend the pins and the needle.


Finished pocket sewn onto shawl.

The catalog version is on sale for $6.95 plus tax and shipping. My homemade version was about $3.00.

Two things I would do differently on the next one:

  1. Make it longer than 65″. I feel it is a little too short for my height at 5′ 6″.
  2. Make the pockets slanted, rather than straight across the top. I think they would be more comfortable that way.