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Laundry Soap Recipe

I decided to try some various laundry soap recipes to see which one works the best. After looking through 10 recipes, I decided to try a liquid version. The liquid turned to a lump of goop that was not pour-able overnight. I don’t know if that happened because of our altitude (over 7,000 feet above sea level), because I cooked it too long, or because I used generic soap. So, I don’t recommend that one. Here is the one I’m using in my home right now.
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How much soap

How Much Soap?

One day my washing machine broke. Has that ever happened to you? It really stinks, especially when the machine is full of soapy water and will not drain. As I struggled to wring out the clothing from the washing machine, I realized that the clothes were saturated with soap. I spent a couple hours rinsing each item in the bathtub and then hanging the clothes around the house to air dry. Continue reading


Dry Erase Marker Removal

I found some awesome deals at clearance and bought Chris two shirts for $3 ($1.50 each!)…brand new, button down types that are exactly what he likes (he’s a bit picky on clothes). Yesterday, he was using a dry erase marker and made a huge blue dot on his newest white shirt. Grrr! I was so ticked! We can barely afford to keep this weed boy clothed and then he goes and ruins his best shirt. This dry erase marker removal method will shock you.

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