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DIY Bed-Wetting Underwear

In my last post we talked about the savings, but in this post we’ll show you how to make these reusable bed-wetting underwear. Never buy Pull-ups again!

These bed-wetting underwear are made of 3 important pieces.

  1. A PUL (Polyurethane laminate) outer cover that is water proof.
  2. A soaker pad which absorbs urine.
  3. An inner layer that is also absorbent and comfortable against the skin.

Here is the PUL fabric I purchased on clearance from JoAnn Fabric. It is made by Babyville PUL. I also used the same fabric for the Wet-Dry Bag. Continue reading


Bed-Wetting Underwear

Check out the Tutorial Here.
Yes…we have 2 bed-wetters. That can be an awful lot of laundry each morning if they don’t wear something to protect the bed. Pull-ups get pricier and pricier the older and larger the child gets. The problem I faced was finding something reusable that was the sizes that I needed for 5 and 6 year old bed-wetting children.

As I posted previously, I was using the trainers/diapers I purchased from SunBabyDiapers.com for all three kids. The only problem was that one of the kids was barely getting into them and I worried they would be too stretched out for the littlest one. Plus, I wanted the easier-to-use trainers/diapers for the little one only.

I searched several types of patterns and options. I think there are some nice options to purchase, but they are too expensive for me. Check out http://www.superundies.com – Very cool, but pricey at $19.95-$34.95 each. YIKES! What are they made out of…spun gold? Does Rumpelstiltskin work there? Still, if you do not know how to sew it would be cheaper than buying Pull-ups all the time.

I decided to make our own. Boy am I happy that I did! I can’t spend $20 for one pair of training pants or bed-wetting pants. Instead, let’s talk 50¢ – $1 each! Continue reading