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DIY Wet Dry Bag

Wet-DryBag1We are about to embark on potty training once again. I really dread this part of toddler-hood. It’s not fun and it is not cheap! It is messy and gross to put it nicely.

Potty training is often strife with urine and poop accidents. Thus…the need for a wet dry bag to put all those wet and stinky pants into. These bags are useful for all baby ages since we all know that diapers leak sometimes.

I first found these bags on cloth diaper websites. You can find pretty ones at boutiques and online for around $10 each. I made some for about $3.33 each.

I’ll make another batch to give away at baby showers once I find the materials even cheaper! (See the bottom of this post for how I found it cheaper at a later date.) Continue reading