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Black Friday Shopping

A tradition started some time ago to name the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday”, also known as the official kick-off for the Christmas shopping season. Stores traditionally offer their very best deals on this day. This year, we are seeing a significant shift in beginning to shop even earlier. Many stores like Wal-mart and Best Buy are starting to hype up their sales already. Websites like bfads.net have all the leaked ads scanned and available online. A personalized shopping list can be created for each store and some websites even have a store route plan so you can maximize your travel distance. Continue reading


Turkey vs Beef

We have the “skinny” on Turkey vs. Beef – Which is healthier and cheaper?

Price Comparison

Current average price of one pound of ground beef = $ 2.99
Current average price of one pound of ground turkey = $ 1.99
Hands down, if we go strictly by price, ground turkey is the winner! I’m able to find ground turkey for as low as $ 1.39 per lb. where I shop. Continue reading