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Free eCommerce Websites…Yes, Free!

There are a lot of supposedly “free” web hosting offers out there, but then once you e-commercestart building it you find out there IS a cost if you want to say…collect money? Websites like Weebly charge $4 a month and then a 3% processing fee to connect to Paypal and only are able to have 10 products. Or, Volusion charges $15 a month for more services, but what if you don’t sell anything for months?

This website is hosted for free on Blogger.com. The only fee I pay is a yearly domain fee of $10.99 for my livingsimplyhome.com domain. That’s it! The rest is free. Check out Namecheap from the link below.
There are many free templates, like the one I use for this website, which allows for changes to make it look different. Continue reading