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DIY Shop Towels

We have four drivers and four vehicles at our house, three of which are older that 10 years! This means a lot of repairs and maintenance are being done at our house. The need for shop towels come with the territory when you want to make every dollar count and are do-it-yourselfers like us. These DIY Shop Towels come in so handy now after some of my UnPaper Towels for the kitchen were used on the cars. Continue reading


DIY Reusable Bowl Covers


I absolutely hate plastic wrap! I can never get it our of the box without it sticking together. I used to think it was a necessary evil until I decided to make reusable bowl covers and do away with wasteful (and hateful) plastic wrap.

They are easy, inexpensive, reduce waste and pretty. I have taken several casseroles, salads and desserts to potlucks, church, and family functions and everyone asks the same thing, “Where did you get these covers?!” I have even been told by a few people that this is what they want me to give them for their birthday or Christmas. Sweet! I already have half my gift ideas figured out. Continue reading


Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do

In World War II, most manufacturing plants were re-purposed to make weapons, machinery, and vehicles of various sorts for the war efforts. The poster shown to the right was prominently displayed from 1941-1945. Citizens were asked to make their clothing and household goods last as long as possible.

Our current society seems to believe in “Use it a little while, Throw it Away just because you don’t like it anymore, and There is always more, more, more”. Consumerism has become a way to get new styles and new models every year, even if we don’t need them. There is a belief that consumerism keeps the economy strong. However, if families purchase beyond their income and focus on wants rather than needs, this leads to crippling debt which in turn leads to a weak economy. Continue reading